As unassuming as it is amongst a catalog of big, fancy, plush living room and accent chair designs, we weren’t sure how we’d feel about the Slope Leather Lounge Chair. It has a good look to it, but doesn’t appear particularly comfortable or well built. Well, as I like to tell my wife, appearances aren’t everything.

While granted it’s not the most comfortable chair, for its incredibly slender footprint and frame we found it to be far more so than a lot of cushier looking options. It’s certainly fine for any entertaining or sitting space, and because it isn’t today’s typical big accent chair it’s a lot easier to work into a small area.

It frankly looks gorgeous in person. The leather is beautiful and while it will scuff with time and wear, we think that kind of aging will be appropriate for the style. The West Elm website states it’ll develop “a beautiful vintage patina” and we’re likely to agree.

Structurally, it’s very simple and well built. The metal base is all one piece and attached to the seat in a way that we don’t believe there will ever be any issues with durability.

At the end of the day, we think this is a hidden gem and though at $499 it’s a little steep, at the $350 it sometimes goes on sale for we feel great about it.

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