Theoretically we love this table. The same good looks as the Industrial Storage Console we have come to enjoy for years plus storage compartment in a coffee table? Sign us up… or so we thought.

In reality, the table suffers several design flaws.

Least of all the problems is that like the Industrial Console, getting the metal frame screwed to the wood is an imperfect process. The tabs did not match up properly to the screw holes and again we had to bend them a bit in shape. A strange problem with this line, but addressable.

More upsetting really was the functionality of the pop-up top. We noticed a few issues here between the one we had and the one we saw in the store. For one, there is a risk of the top jamming on one side or the other which may take some force or wiggling to get loose. Then when it does come up, it may be wobbly and stuff as you raise it. Upon closing it — and this is an issue we’ve seen echoed in many reviews — the magnets may not catch right and you may have to close it a couple of times to get it to sit right. Lastly, the spring mechanism itself is attached with a number of very small screws which we think could loosen more quickly with active use.

If that’s not enough to chase you off, we also found the usable storage area to be pretty small. It’s fine for a pile of books or magazines, but things like blankets and definitely pillows or anything bulkier may be very difficult or impossible to get in.

The rest of the construction seems sturdy enough, similar to the Console. Like the Console, the wood and finish are prone to staining and scratching, which makes it a less ideal piece since it’ll see more use and likely spills or glass ring stains.

We wanted to love this but unfortunately it fell short of our expectations in many ways and we’ll be leaving this one off of our recommendation list.

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