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West Elm Origami Coffee Table Review

The Origami Coffee Table from West Elm comes in two sizes, a medium and large. In photos it’s a very sophisticated looking table, made from a metal frame which forms a series of pentagons and triangles, and a tiled top which resembles marble from afar but looks more like tile or maybe blocks of ivory […]

West Elm Bastone Coffee Table Review

An elegant design and simple construction make the West Elm Bastone Coffee Table stand out amongst its peers. It’s on the smaller side and works well in a variety of settings. We love the contemporary base’s somewhat intricate “bundle of sticks” look, especially in conjunction with the round glass top. The pieces of the base […]

West Elm Color Wash Coffee Table Review

We loved this table when we saw it in photos and were excited to have it delivered, though ultimately decided it wasn’t the right fit for us. In the photos, we thought the base looked almost metallic and the paint contrasts were really striking, especially given their sheen. Our one major fear was the 36″ […]

West Elm Industrial Storage Console Review

The West Elm Industrial Storage Console is one of those items that has been with West Elm for as long as I can remember, and honestly, I think for good reason. It looks damn good, it goes well with a number of different decors, it’s sturdy, it’s functional. It has very few things to complain […]

West Elm Industrial Storage Coffee Table

Theoretically we love this table. The same good looks as the Industrial Storage Console we have come to enjoy for years plus storage compartment in a coffee table? Sign us up… or so we thought. In reality, the table suffers several design flaws. Least of all the problems is that like the Industrial Console, getting […]

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