When we first heard about Article we were definitely excited as the business model made a lot of sense – cut out the middle man, reduce the prices. We have no idea how this really works logistically, or if Article furniture is actually cheaper than it would be otherwise, but we did order (and still use regularly) the Sven Charme sofa, and so this is our Article sofa review!


Very good, far from great.

For starters, it’s a very comfortable couch. Easy to lounge in, easy to zombie out on Netflix in, easy to sleep on. The pillows are a good, supportive height, probably falling at mid-upper back to shoulder level for most people. The seat pillow, made of high-density foam, has just the right blend of give and support, and is deep enough where you can fully sit legs crossed but not so deep it feels like it swallows you and you can’t just sit on the couch like a normal human. It fairly comfortably fits 3 adults and can squeeze four assuming you’re all good friends or family.

The back cushions which are a blend of feathers and polyester fill do suffer from major cushion sag and need to be fluffed or rotated regularly. Problematically, the underside is not leather and so flipping 180 degrees isn’t aesthetically practical. Still, even when sagging they offer decent support as they have a good amount of fill.

In terms of build quality, there’s nothing too impressive and nothing too bad. The frame does use solid wood but you can feel its thinness through the leather, and ours even came with a chunk of the back frame having been damaged which we’re guessing happened during transport. Still, it’ll hold up under plenty of weight so we don’t have any concerns there. On the flip side, because the frame is fairly lightweight if the sofa is on a wooden floor it will likely move around a lot and need rubber foot pads (like these) to stay in one place.

The leather is on the thinner side and since it is aniline and has no sealant it is highly prone to damage. It can and will stain, scratch, fade from the wrong cleaning solution, etc., so that’s something to be aware of. On the plus side, it patina’s quite well and even with 2 dogs constantly scratching ours we like the way it has worn in. In fact, they may have helped!


Absolutely gorgeous. One thing this couch definitely does well looks great in any setting. The leather is beautiful, the proportions and lines all work. It has a lovely mid-century design and an air of sophistication. It looks like a couch that costs 2-3x more than it actually does, and there’s certainly something to be said about that.

It is fairly recognizable – we’ve had several people ask “is that the Article couch?” We like to think this is a positive as the couch is clearly not generic looking despite having a base design that has been done and redone a hundred times over at this point.

We really like the touch of the side pillows and the tufted seat cushion, along with the noticeable yet not overly chunky cone wood legs.


All in all at $1799 we think you get what you pay for, which is a decently well-built sofa that looks great. It’s not quite a steal, though if you can catch a sale or discount in any way that makes it a lot more appetizing. These days there are a good number of similar options in that price range, some of which have slightly better build quality (such as the Joybird Briar leather sofa).

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