Smaller sofas are tough to come by these days, and at just 70″ the Auburn just barely makes it’s way into that small category. It’s aided in this by some very slim lines, especially in the frame and armrests.


From an inner-construction perspective, we don’t have any qualms with the Auburn’s mix of solid and engineered hardwood and reinforced joints. The legs are rubberwood which is an ideal wood for furniture durability, though an inexpensive solution for the manufacturer. In short, we don’t expect this couch to have any trouble holding up in heavier conditions, even given the thin frame.

The fabric on the twill stays nice and taut, and the seat cushions feel firm and supportive. Both the twill and the velvet are mid grade fabrics which we would expect to wear just fine over time. The twill will definitely be more likely to ca

However, from a general comfort perspective, we found a lot of things off about it. It’s very deep for a small sofa and combined with its super low back it forces you into some odd positions and causes you to adjust and readjust. The back cushions are way too soft for such a deep sofa and this adds to the discomfort as you don’t get any real support when you’re sitting.


Stylistically the Auburn doesn’t feel like a statement piece, but with it’s slim, taller legs and thin build it’s not completely devoid of character. It’s likely to blend in well just about anywhere which is a plus but also means if you want the room it’s in to have some design points you’ll need some other pieces which take the limelight.

Considering the lack of comfort, we think it’s best in a sitting or entertaining room and doesn’t work well as a lounging, recreational, Netflix-zombie-out couch.


At $699 the price feels pretty fair, but we’d still recommend shopping around to see if you can find something which prioritizes comfort a little more unless this is more of a “space filling” sofa solution. The materials are fairly good for West Elm production & though it might not be eye-catching it’s far from ugly so you could do a lot worse at this price point.

West Elm Auburn Sofa Reviews Overview:

A Closer Look at the West Elm Auburn Sofa: A Compact Choice for Small Spaces”

In the vast market of home furniture, the West Elm Auburn Sofa emerges as a compact option for those with limited space. At 70 inches, this sofa aims to provide a seating solution without overwhelming smaller rooms. Here’s an objective breakdown of what the Auburn Sofa brings to your living space:

Design & Dimensions: The Auburn Sofa is characterized by its slim lines, particularly in the frame and armrests, which contribute to its compact nature. Its understated design is likely to blend in with various interiors, making it a versatile choice for different decor styles​1​.

Material & Build Quality: The sofa’s construction comprises a mix of solid and engineered hardwood along with reinforced joints, indicating a focus on durability. The legs are made of rubberwood, which is known for its durability in furniture construction, although it’s a cost-effective solution for the manufacturer​1​.

Comfort: Comfort seems to be a mixed bag with the Auburn Sofa. While the seat cushions are described as firm and supportive, the sofa’s deep seat and low back design have been pointed out as comfort drawbacks. The back cushions, being too soft for such a deep sofa, may lack the needed support for some users​1​.

Pricing: Priced at $699, the Auburn Sofa sits in a moderate price range. The value proposition largely depends on the buyer’s priority between space-saving design and comfort​1​.


  1. Compact Size: Ideal for small spaces with its 70″ frame​1​.
  2. Durable Construction: Built with solid and engineered hardwood for longevity​1​.
  3. Versatile Design: Simple aesthetics allow it to blend with different decor styles​1​.


  1. Comfort Concerns: A deep seat and low back design may pose comfort issues for some users​1​.

In conclusion, the West Elm Auburn Sofa appears to be a viable option for those in search of a compact seating solution. Its design and build quality are commendable, although comfort may be a subjective matter depending on individual preferences. This sofa represents a balance between space-saving design and aesthetic appeal, with a price tag that reflects its mid-range positioning in the market.

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