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It looks big and fluffy in photos, and it is big and fluffy in person. But photos don’t truly do the West Elm Concentric Circle Rug justice, as it’s also incredibly stylish and down right pretty in person. It has just enough class and just enough funk to land well in a large variety of households and rooms, and generally speaking we love it.

Past the style points, the rug seems pretty well constructed but this comes with a warning as the weave is large and chunky and that is naturally going to make it more likely to pull as well as be very tough to get tough stains out of. Even the fringes are big and fluffy and likely will absorb and hold stains. For this reason we don’t recommend the rug for high traffic areas or a dining room, and we don’t recommend it for households with pets where claws might pull up a fabric knot. Once the fabric frays, there is no real fixing it as taking scissors or a fabric shaver to it will still leave a noticeable difference in the weave.

There is definitely some shedding that happens but not nearly as bad as we would have thought with such large fibers. West Elm’s site gives the 3-6 month “wait time” for shedding to cease which we’ve seen to hold true with other rugs with this warning but haven’t noticed as much with this one. Due to its plushness and the propensity for irreparable damage, we don’t recommend robot vacuums for this rug though we won’t count them out completely as being possible.

A recreational room where you take your shoes off? A bedroom? A living room not near a door (gives time for the dirt to kick off of people’s shoes)? All great prospects for this divinely styled rug. Even at a relatively high price tag of $399-$1,199 we like it for its high style, natural fibers (mostly wool and cotton), and hand crafted goodness.

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