Now this is a really, really good looking chair. Whether in fabric or leather, you’re bound to get compliments placing this just about anywhere in your home. Maybe even the bathroom.

The good news doesn’t end there, as we found the chair to also be fairly well constructed. The wood structure is jointed and glued together and though it’s screwed into the cushion base, the frame supports the base in a way that we don’t expect any problems to arise even with a heavy person in the chair. In the leather version, we’d be a little worried about scuffing with the Espresso color, but actually think it might add a cool worn vibe to it that could suit the chair just fine.

Sadly, it’s far less comfortable than it looks. While it’s not nearly as bad as some other West Elm options, it doesn’t gain any points here. The seat is pretty deep, the back is low, and the arm rests are hard. We wouldn’t expect anyone to want to settle into this chair for too long, but it’s fine for entertaining.

Overall while we think there are few chairs as pretty in the price range, the lack of comfort makes it less than ideal and we recommend waiting for a sale before committing to a buy.

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