Like most West Elm mirrors, the Metal Framed Wall Mirror uses a mid quality glass and thickness and due to this and likely the smaller size, we don’t notice any distortion. Off to a good start!

The frame, as indicated in the item name, is made of metal, and so durability will be reasonable high though hopefully you’ll never need a reason to test that.

Size-wise the mirror comes in at 36″ x 24″, so we like it over a smaller console or dresser, or as individual bathroom mirrors. You’ll commonly see them stacked side by side in photos which can work for larger areas, though we’d recommend a larger mirror instead if that’s the situation you’re trying to solve for.

Aesthetically we really love this mirror. It’s simple but elegant and works in any room in the house. It’s definitely fair for the price as a new piece, though considering the timeless style you could likely find something similar second hand for a good deal less.