We’ve had our West Elm Lucas Swivel Chair for oh I think six years now. It’s one of those chairs that is consistently getting complemented and therefore always finds a way into your home even when you don’t think it really “fits” or that you still have the space for it.

This is clearly a winner in the West Elm catalog as its been available for so long compared to so much if their inventory which churns out to never be seen again… but it’s not perfect.

It’s obviously stylish, it has held up well in terms of materials & build (we have it in a tweed fabric) i.e. no fabric wrinkling or cushion denting. Did I tell you yet about how good looking it is? It goes well with a number of different decor styles from “mid-century” to “retro 70’s”. The tweed does attract a reasonable number of pet hairs but darker colors hide them well, and it’s actually very easy to clean with a vacuum or lint roller. So what’s the rub?

Our main peeve with this chair — and it’s a small one — is that even given the decent amount of space it consumes it’s never going to be that living room chair you cozy up and fall asleep by the fireplace in. Unless you’re a cat. The low, angled back and low, think arm rests make it a totally fine chair to sit in and have a spin while enjoying some hot cocoa, but it’s not the kind of chair you can melt into. For that reason, we recommend it for entertaining areas, a reading nook, or areas where you just want a nice looking piece (floor art)

In terms of any build issues, ours developed an issue with the swivel where it always seems to want to spin to one particular spot. Maybe it’s a ghost. We haven’t noticed this issue with any of the chairs we’ve seen on display in stores (we always sit in the swivel chairs to check!) so it could be limited to just ours or may be a very rare occurrence. For that reason we don’t ding it here.

At $699-$999 or $1,199-$1,299 for leather, it’s not a terrible value but it’s frequently on sale for 20-30% off, so we recommend waiting for a deal.

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