The West Elm Industrial Cantilever Dining Chair comes in both a leather version and a fabric version. Though we’re reviewing the leather version, we’ve seen the fabric version and like it nearly as much. The fabric isn’t quite the softest or nicest (it’s mostly polyester), but it cleans easily and that’s important in a dining chair!

The leather version is something to behold. It comes with a beautiful, soft leather that is as inviting as it is actually comfortable. The chair boasts just the right type of firm padding which gives you needed dining support (nobody wants to slouch at the dining table!) while simultaneously ensuring your butt won’t go numb. Downside: You are likely to notice — and by notice we mean feel — the metal bar just above the back. It’s not painful, it’s not annoying (at least for us), but it’s there and you’ll know it.

Because the front of the legs are rounded, the chair has somewhat of a forward bounce to it. Frankly, we like this, but it’s worth mentioning in case it causes any pause. Stability-wise it poses no issues and in fact the chair feels very sturdy.

From a construction perspective, the legs are very nicely welded together and then screwed into the seat base with nice, heavy duty screwed. We wouldn’t anticipate any issues with the chair falling apart or buckling.

From a style perspective we love it, though it’s probably not for everyone. They really nailed the “industrial” vibe with this, and in fact we think it has this sort of “steampunk” thing going for it. Because it does have a very particular style to it, you do need to be careful of what kind of a decor setting you place it in, but we trust you’ll make it work.

At $399 for the leather version it feels a little bit on the pricey side, so we’d recommend you wait for a sale as we’ve seen at is low as $279 which feels a lot more in line with what we think is fair.

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